How I Work

In your production company or in my home studio, recording in real time, with all the options
and the necessary technology to record, edit and deliver voiceovers and dubbing

Technical Spec


Medium-serious voice, with a variety of registers. From a natural warm, soft voice, or very serious, with a comforting tone, smiling, convincing, informative, slow, explanatory or dynamic. A voice which helps to communicate about a product according to its essence and positioning or a brand according to its DNA.


Extensive experience in dubbing and interpretation, with more than 500 works in the last 15 years, thanks to a great ability to adapt to the character and the actor's interpretation. Throughout my career I have been able to develop the technical skills and abilities of an actor.


Wide-ranging experience in advertising and dubbing for fil and animation, and close collaboration with studios and producers have allowed me to create a network of highly qualified contacts to offer voiceovers and dubbing services in any language. I can lead global projects coordinating a team of professionals for an integrated and complete project.


Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own these videos nor the images featured in the videos. All rights belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. 

TV Ad Costa Cruises

TV Ad La Liga BBVA

TV Ad Vueling Airlines

Dubbing: TV serie CSI Miami

Dubbing: film Running Wild

Dubbing: animation Flying Squirrels