In a competitive and global market, there are many brands that need to develop campaigns and audiovisual pieces in several languages.

To launch, position or promote a brand or product in a market, the voice is a key element since it will not only transmit the message, but in some cases it will even enrich the perceived brand values ​​thanks to the professionalism and quality of a good job, finish.

Depending on the DNA of each brand or product or the type of piece, whether it is advertising or video games, Jean-Didier can offer a delirious, dynamic or cool voice; also a deep, soft or natural voice for professional presentations, institutional or e-learning, or a warmer or deeper record for documentaries, narratives or trailers.

There are many examples of well-known brands that have used the voice of Jean-Didier, brands such as Vueling, La Caixa, Costa Cruises, Indeed, Turkish Airlines, Generalitat de Catalunya, Junta de Andalucía, and many more…

Voiceover Examples


« Fastest Car »


« Trump »


« Lock Up -
Chain Linked »


« Lock Up -
State Prisons »



« Costa Cruises »


« Gazpacho Alvalle »


« Andalusia »


« Gunnar »


« Canary Islands »

(calm, deep)

« Indeed »


VOICEOVER (voices in sync)

Documentary « Beyond The Edge »


Documentary TV channel Arte
« Prêt à jeter »


« E-Pages »

(natural, composed)

« Trace TV Sports Stars: Curtis James Jackson III (50 Cent) »

(cool, relaxed)



« PARS in Future: Technologies »

(mysterious, whispered)

« Atlantic Meals: Agro-Industry »


« Terraza Hotel »

(warm, whispered)

« DS Automotion: Transport »

(explanatory, neutral)

« Benidorm Hotel »

(dreamy, relaxing)

« Dubbing corporate spot »



« Famille CB »
« Wabco »


« Sioo »


« Arrow »


« Rent a Guard »

(natural, explanatory)


« Farmer Academy »




« Vueling Airlines »



Voiceover Examples - Audio

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