The Project Management service is especially aimed at distributors, recording studios, producers, advertising agencies, or marketing departments of companies wishing to carry out a global voice-over or dubbing project.

The extensive experience of Jean-Didier in advertising and film or animation dubbing, and his close collaboration with studios and production companies, has allowed him to create a network of highly qualified contacts.

Jean-Didier can offer voiceover and dubbing services in any language and in any profile, coordinating a team of professionals for an integrated and finished work, using external or proprietary infrastructure according to each case.

The scope of the project can range from the development of a fixed budget according to the project needs, the realization of the casting of voices prior to client approval, the recording process itself including editing, through to the delivery of the audios in the agreed format.

For all enquiries, please contact Jean-Didier Aïssy.