Voice-over Testimonials from satisfied clients, always. This is what people I had the privilege to work with say:

An artistic encounter with a luminous and colourful personality: Jean-Didier Aïssy.
I met Jean-Didier in Barcelona during a “voice-over workshop on interpretation and voice agility”. A warm person with great vocal texture and astounding promise.

Yaël Benzaquen

Coach vocal

Jean-Didier has always done a great job for us. He delivers his projects with a quality voice and on-time. He is at the top of our list for any new French projects!

Jeff Cassidy

Director, Agency Affordable Audio Production/AAP Worldwide

In Serena Digital we have always worked with Jean-Didier on our Signal or Magnum campaigns and the final product is always impeccable. On top of having a great voice he is microphone savvy and this makes for a final product appreciated by all.

Chus Pueyo

Production department, Serena Digital

We are delighted to work with Jean-Didier. Not only does he possess an excellent voice and tone quality, but he delivers on the dot and gets on well with everyone!

Arcindo Guimaraes

Director, Agency Voz on Locutores

Jean-Didier is a very flexible voice actor who’s responsible and very nice to work with. I’ve been directing Jean-Didier for the French dubbing of the TV show “Gavilanes” (Antena 3/Telemundo NBC/France Ô). I also worked with him as a fellow voice actor in other shows.

Valeria Zunzun

Dubbing: Artistic director

Jean-Didier is a very professional and pleasant colleague. He is punctual and always does his very best. He doesn’t have an attitude and has an intelligent approach to work which allows him be a better dubbing actor. He’s always trying to better himself. I very much enjoy working with him.

Sophie O.

Dubbing: Artistic director

Jean-Didier is a French voice talent with many years’ experience, in voice-over as well as script writing and editing. He has very clear diction and an ideal voice for corporate videos and advertising. Moreover, his professional attitude in the studio and his respect for directors’ instructions warrant client satisfaction in a great variety of projects. That is the reason why we strongly recommend him to producers or studios in search of a French male voice.

Xavier Fernández

Director, Password Ltd

Jean-Didier is a fine professional as well as a committed collaborator in whatever projects he works on.

Lluís Clavera

Director, Studio Loopaudio

I first worked with Jean-Didier when we has doing translations and he was actually the best translator from Spanish to French that I have worked with. We then started to do double voice-over for commercials and videos and a gain, a success. Additionally it is a pleasure to work with Jean-Didier.

Laura Rodriguez Esteve

Sales Manager, Intercruises

Jean-Didier has worked for many years con Escena Digital and he always reacts quickly and efficiently to any project we ask him to participate in. He provides professional quality work and can adapt his voice to any kind of project, whether it is e-learning, advertising or corporate videos… Jean-Didier is a great pro ready for everything.

Jesús Ángel Morato

Director, Escena Digital

A fine voice, professional know-how, maximum efficiency and a rapid delivery.

Pierre-Yves Marchal

Director, Pymprod

I have an excellent professional relationship with Jean-Didier, who has always provided high-quality work delivered on time with a fantastic price/performance ratio. Jean-Didier has been in Voz-Media’s voice-bank since the very beginning and we include him in all our international castings. He is without a doubt one of the most reliable talents on the online market.

Conxi Barba

Director , Voz-Media